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Pre-Order Remnant

Pre-order Remnant: From the Ashes on any platform to guarantee early access to the game in our VIP Preview Weekend before the game releases on August 20, 2019, three exclusive armor sets, and a pack full of essentials to help improve your chances of survival.

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Pre-Order Bonuses

VIP Preview Weekend Access

Guarantee your spot in an exclusive early access weekend and get to play Remnant: From the Ashes before its official launch on August 20th, 2019.

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Exclusive Character Armors

Survive in style in these unique armor sets. Deliver divine retribution in the Doomsayer Ex-Cultist Armor, unleash hell upon your enemies in the Gladiator Scrapper Armor, and get the drop on your foes in the Nightstalker Hunter Armor.

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Survivor Pack

You'll need every advantage you can get to survive the nightmarish creatures and harsh environments of the apocalypse. Give yourself an early edge with this survivor pack full of weapon crafting materials to improve your artillery, medical supplies to keep you alive, and a temporary XP boost to give you a head start against the Root. You're gonna need it.

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